The Freedom Journey | Helping those impacted by pornography addiction to grow in greater levels of freedom.
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Freedom Starts Here

Freedom is a process, not a destination. We are an organization here to help break down misconceptions about people who struggle with porn and to help walk others in greater levels of freedom!

Start Today

Our desire is to help people who are struggling stopping watching porn. We do this because we know the struggle; we’ve been there. Everyone who works or serves with The Freedom Journey has been impacted by pornography at some level. We all want to share one message with you: it’s not too late. You can change, start today. If you want help on your journey, please reach out to us and let us know how we can help support you on this journey! 

How We Help

We have developed an affordable 6-week mentoring program that is 1-1 and focused on real life growth. We were never fans of getting help in a secluded, hidden away area. We do 1-1 mentoring sessions at coffee shops and local areas to show how we can walk in freedom in our everyday lives. If you want to know more, let us know and we will connect with you!

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We create engaging and helpful videos and blog posts on topics that matter to you


Schools, churches, events, name it! Schedule us for your next speaking engagement.


We lead small groups throughout the year. Contact us to find out if we can bring a small group to you!


6-week one on one mentoring provides the most individualized experience and personal help. Contact us for more details!

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Pornography addiction impacts everyone. The Freedom Journey is here to help.