The Freedom Journey | Helping those impacted by pornography addiction to grow in greater levels of freedom.
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Our Purpose

To help those who are impacted by pornography addiction walk in greater levels of freedom.


It is our belief that freedom is a process, not a destination. That being said, in everything we do, our goal is to help others grow in their freedom. To be free-er than yesterday. We do this by helping others get their focus off of the “problem” and onto the “solution”, walking in greater levels of freedom.


Using content based on our beliefs, we will focus on helping in 4 stages. Each stage becomes increasingly more personal and specific, building upon the previous one. Check out our stages below.

the Funnel - TFJ


We create engaging and helpful videos and blog posts on topics that matter to you


Schools, churches, events, name it! Schedule us for your next speaking engagement.


We lead small groups throughout the year. Contact us to find out if we can bring a small group to you!


6-week one on one mentoring provides the most individualized experience and personal help. Contact us for more details!

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Pornography addiction impacts everyone. The Freedom Journey is here to help.